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One thing I never want to see on a scout…

In Shoots on July 26, 2010 at 5:46 pm

I awake at night, a cold sweat upon my forehead.  It was only a nightmare…or was it.

Not only are fuses difficult to deal with, and an additional cost each time one blows, but they speak  to the general age and condition of a building’s electrical wiring.  If I don’t have a dedicated and ticketed electrician on my crew (meaning I can’t tie directly into house power bypassing the fuse box), and I need house power then seeing one of these fuse boxes on a scout makes my heart sink.

By the numbers I should be able to draw 1800 watts from a 15 amp circuit, assuming 120 volts.  But, older circuits can be touchy and I am hesitant to even approach this number.  I want to stay down around 1200-1300 watts max.

Also, older buildings tend to have fewer circuits in total, so total electrical capacity is reduced even further.  In a case like this having access to outside power, such as a generator is handy, but not always viable, especially on lower budget shows.  Careful consideration of the lighting design is a must, and will save time, exasperation, and fuses.  This is one of the major values of a good technical scout.  I am able to both get a sense for how I can light the space to make it look great as well as get information on the technical limitations of the location.

Like a bad penny, you keep popping up.