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One thing I never want to see on a scout…

In Shoots on July 26, 2010 at 5:46 pm

I awake at night, a cold sweat upon my forehead.  It was only a nightmare…or was it.

Not only are fuses difficult to deal with, and an additional cost each time one blows, but they speak  to the general age and condition of a building’s electrical wiring.  If I don’t have a dedicated and ticketed electrician on my crew (meaning I can’t tie directly into house power bypassing the fuse box), and I need house power then seeing one of these fuse boxes on a scout makes my heart sink.

By the numbers I should be able to draw 1800 watts from a 15 amp circuit, assuming 120 volts.  But, older circuits can be touchy and I am hesitant to even approach this number.  I want to stay down around 1200-1300 watts max.

Also, older buildings tend to have fewer circuits in total, so total electrical capacity is reduced even further.  In a case like this having access to outside power, such as a generator is handy, but not always viable, especially on lower budget shows.  Careful consideration of the lighting design is a must, and will save time, exasperation, and fuses.  This is one of the major values of a good technical scout.  I am able to both get a sense for how I can light the space to make it look great as well as get information on the technical limitations of the location.

Like a bad penny, you keep popping up.

One finds the most interesting things on a scout.

In Inspiration on July 20, 2010 at 7:26 am

But, tell us what you really think.

Today I was location scouting, and came across these three posters plastered up on a construction site plywood fence.  In and of themselves they’re unremarkable, but someone took the initiative to give an unsolicited band review with the aid of a Jiffy Marker.

This got me thinking about the band, and how difficult it must be for them to make any strides in their careers.  Do they really suck?  I don’t know, I’m not familiar with their music.  Likely they work very hard trying to promote themselves, write and practice their music, book shows, and perform, not to mention all of the other business that must surround any creative endeavour.  Then, after the incalculable man hours it must have taken to get to the point where the band could place these posters in such a well planned position, out of nowhere somebody who’s likely never heard of the band scribbles across the poster cruelly turning them from a promo piece into a joke.  I laughed.  All that hard work dashed apart in an instant.  It’s sort of sad.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t have noticed the posters if the marker wielding mystery man hadn’t taken it upon himself to throw in his two cents.  True, I laughed when I saw them, but I wouldn’t have even noticed the posters without the punch line sprawled across them.  Maybe he did the band a favour.  Maybe now that you’ve seen the photo of the posters you’ll be curious about the music, and want to check out what the band is really all about.  Do they suck?  Maybe you’ll want to decide for yourself.  Maybe the band will win a new fan who doesn’t think their music sucks.  In fact, a fan would think just the opposite.  Maybe then, the joke is on the editorialist.  Maybe he and his nay-saying marker suck.  Maybe.